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Big Wave Taffy is the leading salt water taffy company in Hawaii and resides on Maui, Hawaii.Big Wave Taffy is a distribution company based in Lahaina Town on Maui, Hawaii. 

We distribute a popular Hawaii Flavors of salt water taffy to many retailers on all the islands of Hawaii, along with other delicious salt water taffy flavors. 

In addition, we offer Hawaii-made, one-of-a-kind products sold exclusively through the Internet.   You’ll love our unique products and customer service.


 10 Bags Hawaii Flavors Salt Water Taffy – $49.95

Hawaii Flavors of salt water taffy by big wave taffy on Maui, Hawaii.Our Best Deal!  Order ten (10) bags of half-pound taffy and you’ll get the delicious Hawaii Flavors taffy in a USPS Medium Flat Rate box – with FREE SHIPPING.   Each bag contains a mix of six (6) tropical flavors — Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Banana, Coconut, and Tropical Punch.  Only $49.95!   


 5 Bags Of Taffy  &  1 Box Of Chocolate-Covered Mac Nuts – $42.95

Hawaii Flavors of salt water taffy is delicious taffy from Maui, Hawaii.

That’s Right!  You’ll receive five (5) bags of our Hawaii Flavors of salt water taffy and also a box of chocolate-covered Macadamia nuts.  The price includes shipping in a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box.  Just $42.95!   


4 Bags Of Hawaii Flavors Of Taffy  – $29.95

YES!  For only $29.95, I’ll send you four (4) full, 8oz bags of our Hawaii Flavors of salt water taffy.  That’s over 120 pieces of salt water taffy in our creamy, soft flavors of Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Mango, Tropical Punch, Coconut, and Banana.  Shipping via USPS Priority Mail Padded Envelope is included.  $29.95  


Maui Wine Glass

Maui Wine Glass offers maui theme wine glasses and beer mugs and glassware from Maui, Hawaii by Big Wave TaffyHere’s a tall, 16oz Maui-themed wine glass that is sure to impress your friends and remind you of Maui.  It also makes a great gift!

This Maui Wine Glass has  the word “Maui” on it and an image of the island, along with “Hawaii” below.  We love to do a Maui Theme to each glass – both etched and hand-painted by a local Maui artist. See more details! Price includes two (2) wine glasses and shipping.  $49.95  


Maui-Grown Organic-Processed MacNuts – $39.95

Big Wave Taffy offers Maui-grown macadamia nuts that are an ideal snack and are grown on Maui, Hawaii.

We offer a 5.2oz bag of natural, raw, organically-processed Macadamia Nuts that are ideal for cooking or just eaten as a healthy snack.  MacNuts are one the healthiest nuts in the world, and our Maui-Grown Macadamia Nuts are one of the freshest you’ll find anywhere.

Our Macadamia Nuts are not processed or roasted and have no salt.   You’ll receive four full bags of our Mac Nuts via a USPS Priority Mail.  $39.95  


100% Maui Grown Coffee –  $39.95

Maui grown Maui Hawaii made ground coffee direct from Maui with Big Wave Taffy.

THAT’S A DEAL!  Three (3) bags of ground, rich, 100% Maui Grown coffee for just $39.95.  Shipping is included!

Each bag is 7 ounces of Maui’s finest ground coffee.

Maui-Grown coffee makes a great gift and is also a coffee to enjoy at your home or office. See more information and buy either 3 bags or 4 bags now!   $39.95   


Wine Stopper!  Maui-Made – $29.95

Maui Wine Stopper by Big Wave Taffy is a beautiful wine stopper made on Maui, Hawaii.

UNIQUE!  This is truly a one-of-a-kind product that is hand-made on Maui.  It’s a Wine Stopper with an insertion of bone on the top.  A Scrimshaw artist then inscribes a “scene” into the bone, making it a beautiful addition on top of a wine bottle.

Looking for a unique gift?  This also makes an excellent gift to someone special.  See additional pictures of this beautiful Hawaiian Scrimshaw.  $29.95   


4 Bags Of POG Flavored Taffy – $28.95

OUR NEWEST FLAVOR!  You’ll get four (4) full, 8oz bags of our tangy POG salt water taffy.  It’s unique to the Hawaiian islands and no one else sells POG taffy but Big Wave Taffy.  You’ll Love It!

Three flavors make up POG – Passion, Orange and Guava.   The POG taffy fits inside a USPS Priority Padded Envelope sent direct from Maui, Hawaii.  $28.95  


Kona Grown Royal Coffee –  $39.95

Kona coffee is the best in the world and is a great gift idea from Big Wave Taffy on Maui, Hawaii.

Wow!  Two (2) bags of ground, rich, 100% Kona coffee for just $39.95.  Shipping is included!

Each bag is 7 ounces of The Big Island’s finest ground coffee.

Kona Coffe is a medium roast, ground coffee that many consider to be one of the best in the world.  It makes a great gift and is also a coffee for you to enjoy! See additional information and buy either 2 bags, 3 bags or 4 bags!   $39.95   


Koa Wood Money Clip –– Now $32.95

Maui Koa Wood money clip makes a great gift idea from Big Wave Taffy on Maui, Hawaii.

Koa wood is a Maui-grown hardwood that is known for its beauty and firmness.  This Money Clip highlights the beautiful Maui Koa Wood and makes an ideal gift for any man, or just buy it for yourself.

MADE ON MAUI!  This beautiful hand-made money clip has a wide, silver clip on the back to secure your money and/or credit cards.  It fits nicely into your front pocket.  Shipping is included in the price.  See additional pictures$32.95  


Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Replica – $149.95

The Outrigger Canoe has been a significant part of Hawaiian culture since the late 1800’s, and here’s your chance to own a replica of the Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe!

The canoe is 100% hand-made.  It sits on a wood stand with a brass nameplate.  Mast and sails are folded down for shipment.  See more information about this wonderful product that will be a  highlight in your home or office.  Only $149.95   


Koa Wood Fish Hook – $45.95

The Fish Hook of maui-made koa wood is a classic necklace worn by many on the islands of Hawaii.The Fish Hook is a popular symbol and piece of jewelry in Hawaii, worn by many men and children of all ages.  It means “Good Luck” and “Safe Passage Over Water” in the Hawaiian tradition.  In addition, Koa wood is a Maui-grown hardwood that is known for its beauty and firmness.

HAND-CARVED ON MAUI!  This beautiful fish hook necklace has an adjustable length, and will last many years.  There is a limited number available.   More Information!    $45.95   


1949 Ford Wagon “Woodie” With 2 Surfboards – $99.95

Car replica 1949 woody with surfboards Ford wagonTake a ride back in history – with this replica of a classic!The 1949 Ford Wagon looks like a Hawaiian Woodie, famous for the wood on the sides and the surfboards on top of the car.

Incredible Detail!  It has an iron frame and amazing details like the license plate, grill, wheels, surfboards, and paint.  It even has a steering wheel and seats.

Here’s more information for you!  $99.95  


Koa Wood Letter Opener With “Maui” – $24.95

Maui made koa wood letter opener for a great maui gift idea from big wave taffy.The Koa Wood Letter Opener with “Maui” prominently displayed makes for a great gift.  It’s made of the finest Maui Koa wood, hand-crafted and ready to sit on someone’s desk or any open space.

ALSO MADE ON MAUI!  Koa Wood is a very popular Maui wood that is known for its deep, dark colors.  See more pictures and order soon!  $24.95   


Wow Wee Chocolate Bars – Only $27.95

Big Wave Taffy also sells Wow Wee chocolate bars in addition to their salt water taffy.

Wow Wee Chocolate Bar

Called “Maui’s Candy Bar“, the Wow Wee line of chocolate bars is a must-get item when visiting Maui.

There’s a variety of flavors – with everything from Mango, Coconut, Kona coffee, Sea Salt, Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Potato Chip, and Toffee – you’ll want to get them all!

Wow Wee Chocolate Sample Pack – 6 Different Chocolate Bars – $27.95 


See Big Wave Taffy At The Maui Swap Meet!

You can also buy our delicious salt water taffy each Saturday at the Maui Swap Meet.  It’s located at the University of Hawaii-Maui College campus just across the street from the Queen Kaahumanu Center shopping complex in Kahului, from 7am to 1pm every Saturday.  We’re in booth #558.

Big Wave Taffy is at the Maui Swap Meet each Saturday on Maui, Hawaii.

Maui Swap Meet


Big Wave Taffy sign at the Maui Swap Meet on Saturday on Maui, Hawaii.


Where To Buy Our Taffy On Maui!

Tourists, visitors, and locals on Maui can also find our salt water taffy at the Hilo Hattie store in Lahaina, Hawaii Fudge Company in Lahaina and Kihei, Maui Tropical Plantation, The Sugar Museum, Kula Lodge, numerous ABC Stores on both Maui and Oahu, and several locations at the Kahului airport on Maui.

Hawaii Flavors of salt water taffy is delicious taffy from Maui, Hawaii.

Hawaii Flavors of salt water taffy.


Big Wave Taffy is the best salt water taffy company in Hawaii and Maui and sells a large variety of salt water taffy flavors.

Yes – Real Men Eat Taffy!


Big Wave Taffy sells the best and most delicious salt water taffy from Maui, Hawaii.

Salt Water Taffy by Big Wave Taffy


Big Wave Taffy is the leading salt water taffy company in Hawaii and resides on Maui, Hawaii.

We appreciate you coming to Big Wave Taffy!

Your business is important to us.

We want you to easily place an order, understand our shipping policies, and be happy with your order.  Also – we’d love to hear your questions and comments – so please contact us!

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