Kona Grown Royal Coffee

Kona Grown Royal Coffee

One of the best tasting, most flavorful coffees in the world is the Kona Coffee from The Big Island of Hawaii.

Kona Coffee is grown on The Island of Hawaii and is a medium roasted, ground coffee that comes in a 7 ounce bag.

Shipping is included in the price.  Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail and a tracking number is sent to you upon order receipt.

Two (2) bags – $39.95   

Three (3) bags – $55.95   

Four (4) bags – $69.95   

Kona Coffee is a premium coffee from The Big Island of Hawaii and Kona coffee is a great taste from Maui, Hawaii and Big Wave Taffy.


Kona coffee is a premium coffee and royal coffee from The Big Island of Hawaii and sold by Big Wave Taffy from Maui, Hawaii.


Kona coffee is the best in the world and is a great gift idea from Big Wave Taffy on Maui, Hawaii.


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