Taffy Flip Flop Basket






Hawaii Flip Flop Basket & Hawaii Flavors of Taffy!

Flip Flop basket with salt water taffy.Here’s a great gift idea — or just a neat Flip Flop basket for you and your family! It’s cute, sturdy and shows your love for the beach and all things “flip flop“.

It’s ideal to hang on a wall and hold mail, letters, keys — anything!

The Hawaii Flip Flop Basket is a sturdy metal basket with a cute, multicolored strand for hanging on a wall or any number of places.  It is 8.75 x 4.75 x 9.25 — big enough to hold a variety of different things.

The price includes shipping in a USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box and also comes with three (3) bags of the Hawaii Flavors of salt water taffy.  That’s quite a package for just $49.95

This is a fun gift or just a nice reminder of the Hawaiian islands in your own home!

Only $49.95!   

Extra Bag Of Taffy Just $5.00!   


Salt water taffy gift basket with flip flop basket



flip flop basket for salt water taffy from maui hawaii



Flip Flop wall basket full of taffy.


Hawaii Flip Flop Basket makes a good gift idea from Maui, Hawaii and is ideal for salt water taffy.

The Hawaii Flip Flop Basket makes a great gift idea from Maui, Hawaii.







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