Big Wave Taffy is the leading salt water taffy company in Hawaii and resides on Maui, Hawaii.

Big Wave Taffy

We Love To Wholesale Our Taffy & Products!

Let’s work together to make money!  Yes, I’ll be most happy to have you selling our products and making money from them.

Price!   An 8oz bag with 30 pieces, 5 of each of the 6 flavors, that is in a quality, Gusset-style stand-up, resealable bag will cost $3.50 for small quantities.   If you order more, which will be more cost effective with shipping, the cost can go down to $3.25 a bag.  I can do this price at quantity 24 or more.  For a quantity of 100 or more, the cost is just $3.00 a bag.
  • Each bag is sealed for freshness.
  • The shelf life of a bag of salt water taffy is 10 months.
  • A Nutrition label come on each bag.  I can also add a bar code.
  • The bag is a high-quality, Gusset-style stand-up bag.
  • Each bag of Hawaii flavors contain five (5)  of each of the following flavors:  Mango, Passion Fruit, Tropical Punch, Pineapple, Coconut and Banana.  Each bag has 30 pieces.
  • The taffy is of the highest quality — taste and you will see why it sells so well!
  • <24 qty = $3.50 per bag
  • >24 qty = $3.25 per bag
  • >100 qty = $3.00 per bag

Shipping!   This will be the biggest variable.  Of course, shipping more will lower the per-bag-cost some.  We will have to “experiment” a bit to find the best shipper and size of box.  I will work with you on finding the best way to ship our products to you.  Also, if you need import documentation for your country, I will do my best to get you the information you need.

SRP!  The suggested retail price is up to you.   Here on the Hawaiian islands, I have some people at $6.95 a bag, some at $7.95 a bag, and the Maui Kahului Airport and Honolulu Intl. Airport at $8.95 a bag.  All prices shown are USD.

Market!  While locals love our taffy, the tourists, guests and visitors to the Hawaiian islands make up the majority of our customers.  A lot of people buy it as a “Gift” for someone else.  Tourists have more discretionary money and tend to readily buy more products.  Here on Maui — we “Mauitize” our label so they know it comes from Maui and the Hawaiian islands.
A few of our customers:
  • ABC Stores – 83 locations
  • Maui Tropical Plantation
  • The Sugar Museum
  • Island Shoppers – Kahului (Maui) Airport & Honolulu Intl. Airport
  • Tamura – 6 locations
  • Maui Ocean Center
  • Ono Gelato – 2 locations
  • Fairmont Hotel (Wailea location)
  • Hawaii Fudge Company  (3 locations)
  • Kula Lodge
  • The Candy Store  (Kihei location)
  • ….. many others!

Custom!   Yes! I can customize the label with your name and web site.  I can change the colors, etc.  If you want, I can send you the bags with no labels. I also have a Nutrition Label on the back of the bag.   Tell me what you want — and I’ll try to do it.

Other Products!   We also sell Macadamia Nuts from Maui, along with other products which you can see on our web site.  I would suggest you try gift baskets with our products.  Tourists love our Hawaii Flip Flop Basket as a gift item, too.   I can also make a larger bag of taffy, a full 1 lb or more.  Just let me know.



Big Wave Taffy sign at the Maui Swap Meet on Saturday on Maui, Hawaii.



Great gift idea – our Hawaii Flip Flop Wall Basket with taffy!

Flip Flop wall basket full of taffy.









Big Wave Taffy is at the Maui Swap Meet each Saturday on Maui, Hawaii.

Maui Swap Meet