Big Wave Taffy is the leading salt water taffy company in Hawaii and resides on Maui, Hawaii.

Big Wave Taffy


+ We only ship via USPS Flat Rate Box – Medium, Large, and Padded Envelope.  We do not charge additional fees Big Wave Taffy on Maui, Hawaii ships via USPS.for shipping and handling.

+ Each box will ship from our distribution warehouse in Lahaina on the west side of Maui and we ship to the Mainland USA, Canada, Japan and other countries in Asia.

+ Orders will be shipped as soon as your order is completed, but please remember we are 3-6 time zones away from the Mainland USA or Asia, depending on your location.

+ Some orders may ship the following day.

+ You will receive several confirmation emails from us and we will send you the USPS Tracking Number along with a copy of the shipping label.

+ For large orders, let us price the shipping in larger boxes and send it to you before placing an order.


Hawaii Flavors of salt water taffy is delicious taffy from Maui, Hawaii.

Hawaii Flavors of salt water taffy.


Mango taffy by Big Wave Taffy on Maui.

Mango Taffy is very good.